These renderings of the next MacBook Air show its renewed design. Gadgets

Apple surprised us last week with its new generation of MacBook Pro computers, and we talked about the company’s first laptops to release the powerful M1 Max processor, as well as offering a different look as the notch appears on the scene for the first time. . It seems that the next MacBook Air He will follow in their footsteps.

Apple has marked a before and after by applying the well-known notch to the iPhone X, the first model of the Cupertino-based company to have this element on the screen. Now rumors indicate thatThe Stinging Apple company will dispense with this component in its next generation iPhone 14. O At least in the most vitamin forms.

But it appears to be one of the greatest novelties in the company’s next laptops. The first to launch this item was the MacBook Pro. And The next model that could have a high score would be the MacBook Air.

This will be the surprise design of the 2022 MacBook Air

Or this is what appears through the message that was posted on Twitter John Brucer and where the file appears 2022 MacBook Air design. Considering that this leaker has a great prestige in this sector, and that he is an expert on issues related to Apple, we can give the information he published quite honest.

In this way, we see a laptop presenting a file Really slim design, especially on the edges of the screen, This will be simpler than ever. In addition to giving first presentations of the 2022 MacBook Air, Jon Prosser has also revealed that there will be a white version. A tune we haven’t seen since 2010 that many of the brand’s followers will want to have in complete safety.

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Continuing the novelties that this laptop will offer, Prosser points out MacBook Air will have MagSafe 3 support, as well as dual Thunderbolt 4 and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

It should be noted that this Makes They were created from someone who saw a prototype of the MacBook Air, so there might be some other design change. Regarding the characteristics, it is expected to have the new Apple M2 processor.

Obviously, Apple has set the trend again and we’ll see more and more devices with a notch. For example, today some pictures from Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, where you can see the next tablet of the Korean manufacturer with this item.

currently, We just have to wait for Apple to introduce the next generation MacBook AirMaybe at the beginning of 2022, let’s see what he surprises us with.


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