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After appearing to Freiburg

Three worries and one encouragement for Hertha

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Hertha BSc goes international with a low mindset. The defeat against Freiburg was relaxed, the offensive game stumbled and made defensive mistakes. Coach Tardoi is currently allowed to continue and has at least one motivator.

The attitude was right, at least this is what Hertha manager Freddie Babic and coach Paul Tardoi had to say about their own team’s performance in the 2-1 defeat (0-1) on Saturday afternoon. They have some numbers on their side: this time Hertha ran like an opponent (114km compared to Freiburg’s 115km), which was completely different against the Leipzig a week ago – the Berliners curled five kilometers less than their counterparts (103km against 108km).

The fight rate (51% won) improved significantly compared to the defeat in RB (only 42% won). Coach Dartai was initially believed by the club. Rbb | 24 Tardo and his team during the international break summarize what needs to be done and what Hertha can inspire fans to do.

First concern: Looking for a soft attack game

Hertha’s offensive game this season is often fragmented, with the idea of ​​a game with the ball only partially identified. There were definitely chances to score against Freiburg, but mostly from set pieces and long distance shots. Steven Jovatic and Marvin Plattenhart free kick, Marco Richter from 25m: Hertha’s best chances for over an hour. It’s dangerous when a player tries his luck alone – not the first time this season. A real exception is the second half just below the Greater Forth table.

Coach Paul Darday also saw positive trends against Freiburg: “I experienced unprecedented pressure this year. We created good chances, we scored” checkmate goals “, we always practiced. Said. This means the phase around the balance in the 70th minute. Serdar’s triple in midfield, a pass in jail, a direct cross to the penalty area and Pyotech’s end – the aforementioned “checkmate move” makes it 1: 1. Maybe it should be like this, Herta football. However, one can only guess, because there are not many scenes like this. Herta had twelve shots towards the goal, but only five of them were shot in the opposite penalty area. In the attack, Hertha had to create a more clearly identifiable signature.

Next injury

Center-back Morton Dortoy will step down from Hertha BSc in the next few weeks. The 19-year-old tore a muscle strain in his thigh against Freiburg. Dartoy has been on the field again and again in the last few games, probably a reason for the injury.

Second concern: Mistakes in resisting standards

Twice without focusing on passive balls, giving up two goals. Although Hertha excels at duels in the running game, the behavior of the two Freiburg goals after the corner kick is hair-raising. 0: 1 Thanks to Davy Selke’s excellent hospitality, he did not deny the title fight against Freiburg’s Leonhardt with final consistency. Although the second goal was conceded, the surrounding Berlinians seemed at least unhappy when the ball was flipped in the penalty area between them – only Nils Peterson acted quickly and scored 1: 2.

Fixed goals conceded number seven and eight gave Hertha an excellent result against Freiburg. “I can only say one thing: we’re training for it,” coach Dartay said of his team’s weakness in this segment, “we even sacrificed an entire training session in preparation.” Two fixed goals agreed upon in a game were “too much” for him, and in these circumstances Dartai demanded more “interest and greed” from his players. Weakness in the rest of the balls is only part of the problem: overall, the Berlin defense have already conceded 20 goals, most of which are in the league.

Third concern: lack of fitness and multiple injuries

One of the topics of this season is a continuous long list of injuries. Players like Morton Dordoy, Tetrik Poyata, Kevin-Prince Bodeng or Steven Jovatic are almost permanently attacked, sometimes dragging themselves more or less well. Coach Paul Darday is often forced to make tactical changes. Staff shortages also affect coaching during international breaks: “Unfortunately we have very few players. We should even consider canceling the friendship against Aue. We have seven players by today’s calculations,” said coach Paul Darday.

The only qualified central defender to be in training during the international break is Nicholas Stark (driven by Tedrik Poyota for the Belgian national team) – the preferred back of three. Hertha has to shape his team from time to time and in the middle of the current season. “We have to sit down and see what we’re doing wrong. Should we do more or less? I can say one thing: we’ve not training much. Maybe we’ll train less sprints. Or more – I do not know, first we do it. We have to look carefully, “said Dartai, examining the cause.

Even players like Steven Zovetik and Kevin-Prince Boden are not yet pillars of hope. Both can not be used for more than 90 minutes, while Poteng must get Hertha’s stagnant game. Coach Dordoy’s leading player’s analysis provides an in-depth insight: “For 20 minutes, the structure always goes well because there is a type of player who builds the game from behind. Every game is good for 20 minutes. As long as Kevin is strong.”

Promoter: Cerdar bright spot

When it comes to the Herta function, the number “8” and turquoise shoes are the focus in general. After the win against VfL Bochum, the newcomer from Schalke 04 was Hertha’s most determined player – from midfield he plays the Berlin game “box-to-box”, i.e. as a midfielder on penalties in the area. Serdar was involved in almost all good offensive operations against Freiburg. In the first half he took the free-kick in a good position, which was brought on by Steven Jovitic dangerously, and Cerdar also prepared for Jovett’s best chance in the early stages.

The equalizer started with his run in midfield by Cedar and a good pass to Mittelstad, who prepared a total of three shots on goal, and shot the most shots on goal himself (3 times). With the former German international also having a solid fighting record (55%) and pass rate (75%), Serdar is currently the hope of Herta fans. 24-year-old buyer Freddie Bobby is the best buyer in his short term.

Broadcast: UM6, 03.10.2021, 6 p.m.

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