Trump, US Supreme Court blocks delivery of ex-president's tax statement to Chamber -

The IRS, the IRS, will not be able to turn over Trump’s tax documents after the Supreme Court ruling, now with a conservative majority.

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NEW YORK – Temporary freeze on tax returns for Donald Trump to the House committee that has been trying to get to it for four years (and could have had it in two days), Supreme Court of the United States Yesterday handed Donald Trump a victory in a court battle that has only lasted four years so far.

Temporary victory for now. Last December, a federal court ordered the former president to Submit his tax returns to the Committee for the use of the Chamber’s funds. In the 2016 election, Trump was the first US president in forty years of history to refuse to announce his taxes. In 2019, after the Democrats took control of the House of Representatives in the midterm elections (which took place in November 2018), They began investigating his finances.

During Trump’s presidency, The Treasury Secretary refused to hand them over, indicating that his opponents wanted to announce them for political reasons. Lawmakers turned to the judiciary, which took two and a half years before a ruling, which came in 2021 after a House committee reiterated Trump’s 2015-2020 tax request to study how the Irs, the tax collection agent, manages presidents’ tax returns.

The White House supported the request, and the judge declared it guaranteed it under federal law. Appeals attempts failed last week, and Trump turned to Supreme Court justices (three of them appointed) on Monday. The president of the United States’ highest court, John Roberts, gave him a pause, during which judges would hear the case, and gave the House committee until November 10 to respond.

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A victory because, in the absence of the Supreme Court’s intervention, the Treasury could have delivered his tax returns within two days to the House of Representatives. Trump wants the Supreme Court to block access to the documents by giving him time to file a formal appeal.

If the Supreme Court decides to intervene in the case, it will delay the final decision until the next Congress takes office in January. And if Republicans regain control of the House, as expected, they could drop the former president’s tax return request altogether.

The third time that the Supreme Court called for intervention within a few days in cases related to Trump: The justices also consider separately Senator Lindsey Graham’s emergency plea to avoid testifying in Georgia about Trump’s interference in the 2020 election; And the head of the Arizona Republican Party, Kelly Ward, who doesn’t want to turn over phone data to another House committee, which is investigating the assault on Congress on January 6, 2021.

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