Personal Training Account: How to convert your DIF hours into euros (before losing them)

Process – The French must transfer the accumulated training hours from June 30 to December 2014 to their personal training account.

So we have to start. The administrator granted the old-fashioned individual training right (DIF) until June 30 – the end of December 2020 – to convert their time into euros in their personal training account (CPF). After this date, rights accumulated between 2008 and 2014 will be represented for 120 hours or up to 8 1,800.

Many more French people may be affected. “CFF, I misinformed”, In the video above of this article, promises a man in TF1. A woman promises her “You know what it is” Without it “Never opened”, So no “I don’t know how many hours”.

To avoid wasting these accumulated times, it is necessary to carry out a relatively simple maneuver, starting with a government site dedicated to this purpose:

All information

Users who already have a personal training account need to identify themselves to connect. Others can easily create one. In any case, it is necessary to have your Social Security number and enter the password (or choose, if this is the first link).

Keep in mind that you can be identified using two other ways: your Amelie Identifiers (your online account at Health Insurance) or the Franconnect device, made available by administrators, to verify the identity of a user who relies on existing accounts.

Last Baslip of 2014

In the “My Training Rights” tab, you must access the “Enter my DIF” tab and enter the number of hours available. The latter can be accessed in your last payslip for 2014 or at the end of that year or at the beginning of 2015 with a certificate issued by your employer. Regardless of the option you choose, you will need to provide supporting documentation on the site via the “Submit My Certificate” tab.

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Once the amount is entered, it is immediately in euros, entitled to you through your personal training account. The management calculation is relatively simple: an hourly DIF equals 15 euro CPF. However, regardless of the amount received, you can convert 120 hours – or only 1, 1,800 to CBF. The ceiling for the latter is 5,000 euros.

Since no career path is like another, some clarifications are in order. On the one hand, if you have multiple employers at the end of 2014 at the same time, you should include the DIF hours of each of them. If you have not – or have lost – the certificate issued to you by your employer you can write to management through the contact form. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use to complete your search. You can also request a copy of the last payslip for 2014 from your employer.

In addition, management encourages you “Use your training account [sur] Only one official site “, I.e. This is because some malicious companies are asking you via email or SMS to swindle the money in your account. “Never give out your identifiers (Social Security number or password) to avoid being hacked. You must be the only one to access your account!”, Recommend to the authorities, warning, in particular, against “Repeated Demands, Sponsorships, Cheating Jobs”.

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Finally, with your DIF hours converted into euros and with what you have accumulated since 2015, you can subscribe to multiple training classes. Florence Diesler, Finance Director, Open Classrooms Training Classes, speaks for DF1 “Full possibilities (…), for example in language training, (…) transportation, security, etc.”. You can sponsor Your driver’s license, In other examples.

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