PSG boss's crazy idea - Champions League final should be like Super Bowl - Soccer Champions League

The Champions League final was not enough for him!

PSG President Nasser Al-Khalifi (48) wants to embellish the Premier Class finals very big. He takes an example from America’s biggest sports festival: the Super Bowl!

Speaking to The Athletic, the Paris boss said: “The final should be bigger. I can not understand how the Super Bowl could feel bigger than the Champions League final. Super Bowl and America in general have this mentality, creativity and entertainment.

The football final in the United States is famous for its luxurious part-time performances by some of the world’s greatest musicians. So far, there have only been opening ceremonies in the Champions League finals, which are often laughed at by fans on social media.

Al-Khalifi did not want to put on too many shows in the final. There should be a celebration at the start of the competition.


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Al-Khalifa: “That’s what I suggested: the opening ceremony of the Champions League, a game on the opening night where the winner plays with a great team – maybe it’s not a good idea, but we should at least respect the current question. Every game should be an event and a hobby.



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