The Pentagon condemns Fox News’ attack on women in the military

(Washington) The Pentagon on Thursday spoke out against the attack on a conservative Fox News editor, criticizing the rise of women in the U.S. military after he appointed two female generals to the most senior positions.

France Media Agency

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin “shares the rejection of many of Tucker Carlson’s comments.”

“We have insulted the entire US military and the way we defend this country,” the spokesman added. “The diversity of our military is one of our best assets.”

Two common 4 stars

Joe Biden on Tuesday commissioned two women for military command, which will give them the title of 4-star general. The US president then tweeted a photo of him surrounded by two commanders and Vice President Kamala Harris: “Every child wants to know what a vice president and generals look like in the United States.”

After that, Fox News editor Tucker Carlson said the feminization of teams made the U.S. military a “joke” about the Chinese military, which he considered more “male.”

New hairstyles and maternity uniforms. Pregnant women will wage our wars. It mocks our military and its mission to win wars. ”

Tucker Carlson

1.3 million active-duty U.S. Kirby said women make up 17% of the military, and they serve at all levels, including a fighter pilot or ship captain.

“We still have a lot of work to do to make our army inclusive and respectable for all, including women,” he added, adding that there are still not enough women in the very bottom line.

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“We will,” he said. “But there’s one thing we certainly don’t do: ask a TV presenter or the Chinese military for their advice. Maybe these people have something to prove. This is their problem.”


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