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“The easing of the ban does not mean that the risk of infection has decreased, but that individuals are left with greater freedom of choice. I believe in making the decision for Reasonable risk“The need to start a path out of linear restrictions was considered the same for everyone, leaving a greater margin of individual responsibility that must take into account different local situations.”

However, we are in a non-retrograde tire.

It is. The definition of “non-growth” indicates Risky situationAt the national level, infection is declining very slowly. However, we must bear in mind that current countermeasures, such as a vaccination campaign, aim to protect those at greater risk from the severe consequences of infection rather than reduce infection. The values ​​that we are impatiently await for their decline are deaths and hospitalizations in hospitals and intensive care units. ”

“The curfew is a measure that exists in all European Union countries and is a deterrent against evening social contacts that may be more at risk.”

“The primary method of infection is direct contact between people and that social life, in the evening, is a potential opportunity to increase risk, often in closed environments. We are in the process of gradually easing measures that restrict our lives. It is right that we go forward step by step and be prepared to assess the effects of each step.

Do antigen tests have scroll value?

Will the ultra-fast vaccination campaign (with at least 500,000 vaccinations per day) help the country bear the brunt of its reopening?

“There is now Vaccination campaign It appears to be progressing faster, but the effects are still not particularly clear on mortality and hospitalization data. It is not just the amount of vaccinations that will take effect, but especially the people who are vaccinated. It is a fact that we do not know. It is a race against time ».

We adopted restrictive lockdowns before anyone else last year. Until now Color scheme It allowed to maintain the third wave in a critical position, linked to the trading of more infectious variables. Every reality is different. ”

Is there a risk of closing again?

“In theory, yes, but the path we have taken at the moment is a decrease in infections and an increase in vaccinations with which we must reduce the deaths and serious cases of Covid-19. On this path, a strict lockdown does not seem necessary, but we must have systems.” Suitable for assessing whether we are already on the right track. “

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