They bring a dead body to the post office to collect his pension

They take the man’s body to the post office to collect his pension. This is not a movie but what happened yesterday in Ireland In County Carlow where two scammers They dragged the dead body of 66-year-old Pedar Doyle, who had likely died two days ago, in front of the post office to withdraw his pension money. Hoping that no one would notice, they disguised the corpse with a hat and jacket that covered part of its face. No way. The black comedy stunt “Weekend with the Dead” did not work. The Daily Mail reported it.

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In fact, the post office employees were worried about the appearance of the man, who had remained on the sidelines, and asked how he was feeling. At that time, the two put the body on the ground saying he had a heart attack and stayed there while doctors and police arrived immediately. Apparently they hoped for impunity, pretending that the man had fallen ill at the post office. Currently, the police have heard the two, but they have not been arrested. They clearly said Doyle was alive when they got to the post office. An autopsy will be to confirm whether suspicions really exist.

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