Yasmane Grandal is back, and celebrates her run on her turf

Cuban receiver appeared in Lined up After his injury, it was an additional command for his teammates to overcome a six-game deficit in front of the Cubs in a guaranteed field rate.

Los White Sox They missed an attack yasmane, this afternoon in Lined up After a knee injury left him out of the game of his life for about two months.

The truth is the team has been satisfactorily rotating players in the ’Yaz position, Sepi Zavala and Zach Collins have been doing miracles, but this position missed the Cuban born.

On his return, he found the poor start for teammate Dallas Keuchel, who in one round had six runs of which five he got through a home run and seven unchallenged.

leaving Dallas from canAnd jasmine I patted him on the back and said softly, this will not be lost. How right he was, when at the end of the third inning he hit his 15th home run to tie the match six runs ahead of his neighbors to the north.

This was his first home trip after a long wait to get back and he was very happy to be the first and to somehow contribute to white socks They will come back in spectacular fashion, even taking the lead in the same 9-6 inning.

Yaz’ came back asking for a clue!

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