All Premier League clubs except Newcastle have been invited to the meeting linking Saudi Macbeth as the main topic. The chance to see the champions of the championship sends their deepest disagreement over the appearance of the “green-eyed monster”.

The arrival of Saudi Arabia in Newcastle did not make the people of England happy. At a meeting organized by the Premier League on Tuesday, all the clubs in the championship, with the exception of Novio, were discussed mainly by Macbeth. Many top names such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal and Everton opposed the emergence of PIF within the elite of British football. According to Daily Mail, Even a leader would have called Newcastle a “green-eyed monster”.

The main fear of these clubs is to see the Toons fight for the top spots: “They are nervous that valuable places in the Champions League have suddenly become too hard to find,” an official said. The possibility of attracting a new shirt sponsor to increase their revenue in Newcastle is also debatable. The English club, which already has enormous funds, can invest heavily with this new owner from Saudi Arabia.

“This is a problem mainly for big clubs”

If the big Premier League clubs are worried about Saudi coming to Macbeth, it will be less for smaller teams in the UK. According to the English media, when asked about the struggle for maintenance, the PIF visit did not bother them much: “Although this visit has an immediate impact, it is a major problem for the big clubs.

For its part, the Premier League, in the face of the wrath of the big clubs, promised that it would not be willing to ratify the deal for Newcastle. The English organization could not oppose the PIF, in the face of assurances from Saudi Arabia that there would be a split between the government of Saudi Arabia and the public investment fund held by the club.

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