Mike Johnson is elected Speaker of the US House of Representatives.  Biden: “Take action on aid to Israel and Ukraine”

The US House of Representatives has a new speaker. After two weeks of emptiness and chaos, Republicans – in their fourth attempt – find the ground and elect Mike Johnson, a hardline conservative against aid to Ukraine and an ally of Donald Trump, to the presidency. Elections open the door to congressional paralysis but do not resolve internal conflict […]

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there room Subordinate United State He has a new one Loudspeaker. After two weeks of emptiness and chaos, that is Republicans – On the fourth attempt – they find the correct solution and are elected to the presidency Mike Johnsonextremely conservative against aidUkraine And ally to Donald Trump. Elections unleash paralysis Congress But it does not resolve the internal conflict within the party, which Trump is not abandoning, despite the legal problems.

“Now let’s get back to work,” Johnson said, entrusting his first words to “X” (the former Twitter handle) after the vote that saw him win. “I will ensure that the action taken by the House produces results results I will report back trust “In this institution,” added the new speaker. Joe Biden, congratulating Johnson, urged him to do so “Move quickly” On aid Israel And Kiev. Biden reiterated his “willingness to continue working with Republicans,” stressing that “the American people likewise expect Republicans in the House of Representatives to work with me and with Republicans.” Democrats To the Senate.”

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“While House Republicans spent the last 22 days deciding who would be speaker, I was working Urgent matterssuggests a historian Financing package Which advances our interests National Security In Israel and Ukraine, protecting our borders and investing in the American economy,” the US President called on the House of Representatives to “move quickly to respond to the resolution.” Avoid shutdown In 22 days.”

Biden also said he was “not concerned” that the new House speaker might try to overturn the election results 2024 elections. “Just like I wasn’t worried that the last guy (Donald Trump, Mr. Dr“I could have overturned the election,” he said at a White House press conference. “I know the Constitution.”


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