American report on Russian propaganda and “cheering” for Salvini: “He was the only one who demanded the cancellation of sanctions.”

The disinformation innovatively created by Russian intelligence appears to be a weak point for Italy. Reveal it today RepublicWho read the contents of a report prepared by inspectors from the US Treasury Department. The report in question, prepared by the German Marshall Fund, concerns in particular the disinformation that exploited the October 7 Hamas attack against Israel with the aim of destroying Ukraine's image and undermining the Western bloc's support for Kiev. According to a US Treasury Department report, 265 media reports incorrectly linked Kiev with the attack launched by Hamas against Israel. Several Russian embassies have also replayed the hoax, including those in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, and Israel.

Who spreads disinformation from Russia

The German Marshall Fund report indicates that the US Treasury imposed sanctions on 26 individuals and 7 entities involved in spreading false news about Ukraine. These also include the Strategic Culture Foundation, InfoRos, NewsFront, and SouthFront, all of which Washington accuses of being “linked to Russian intelligence.” The same also applies to other bogus newspapers such as the New Eastern Outlook and Oriental Review, which are suspected of being dependent on the Kremlin. While United World International and geopolitics will gravitate to the field of Alexander Dugin, Vladimir Putin's ideologue.

“Cheering” for Salvini and attacking Meloni

Among the sites that Washington accuses of spreading misleading information at the hands of Russian intelligence, there appears to be a strong interest in Italy. On October 23, 2023, for example, the South Front website accused our country of “betraying Palestine and its pro-Arab tradition,” while the previous year it raised alarms about an imminent economic “recession.” Also in 2022, the same site resumes with great emphasis recordings in which Silvio Berlusconi criticizes Ukraine. Among the targets of Russian disinformation sites is often Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who has been criticized because once in government she would assert herself as “Washington's most loyal ally.” Writes the only Italian leader RepublicIt seems that Matteo Salvini is the one receiving praise from Russian websites. The only person, as an article in the South Front newspaper notes, “who has taken a different position on Russia, calling for the abolition of sanctions that are hurting the Italian economy.”

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On the cover: Matteo Salvini, guest of “Porta a Porta” (ANSA/Alessandro Di Meo)

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