Expected intervention. The head of US diplomacy, Anthony Blingen, will speak before the UN Human Rights Council on Wednesday. It marks the return of the United States to the forum, three years after the Trump administration caused it to crash.

On February 8, Anthony Blinken announced the re-involvement of the United States in the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, based in Geneva, Switzerland. In a press release, Criticized US Secretary of State Donald Trump’s policy of empty chairs, which he ruled were “exploited by countries with a dictatorial agenda” aimed at not naming China or Russia.

If the new Biden administration recognizes that the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) is not right, it despises its predecessor as “the unequal attention it pays to Israel,” believing that the only way to reform it is to “work with it.” . Despite these shortcomings, Anthony Blinken says it is an essential element. “When it does, the Human Rights Council highlights countries with the worst human rights record, and it can be an important forum for those fighting injustice and tyranny,” he said.

In June 2018, the announcement of the withdrawal of the United States from this forum caused a stir. This was with the real charge against the legislature. Citing his “long-standing anti-Israel stance”, US Ambassador to the UN Nicki Haley accused him of protecting “perpetrators of human rights abuses” and setting up a “cesspool of political bias”. “Those involved in human rights abuses will continue to serve and be elected to the Council”, She is Lombast. In fact, its current members include countries that deny human rights, such as China, Russia and Venezuela.

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«America is back

If the 46th session of the CDH, which began online on Monday, is for viewers only – with new member elections pending later this year – Anthony Blingen’s speech on Wednesday should prove Washington’s willingness to re – control the human rights issue. It was close to Joe Biden in early February that “the United States must be at the table and use the full weight of our leadership role in diplomacy to address the shortcomings of the Council and ensure that it executes its mandate.”

It is a policy contrary to the attitude adopted by Donald Trump in his mandate to abandon international organizations and agreements one by one. In addition to the UN Security Council, the Republican billionaire brought his country out of the Paris climate deal, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Iran nuclear deal, or even UNESCO. On the contrary, the return of the United States to the international arena is a priority for new President Joe Biden. On its first day at the White House on January 21, the 78-year-old Democrat Washington announced a return to the Paris Agreement and the WHO. As Joe Biden wants to say again, “America is back.”

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