Beach volleyball: Burger / Soddy enjoying their victory: 'Unbelievable' |

Carla Burger and Julia Soda are happy with their win.

Beach volleyball players Carla Burger and Julia Sood crowned their surprise victory in the World Tour final in Cagliari by winning the tournament. The duo was happy with the success.

Carla Burger and Julia Sood celebrated their third win against a top team ever in a single match in the final for a prize money of 150,000 euros on Sunday with a 2-0 victory (21:13, 23:21) over Canadian world champion Sarah Pavan and Melissa Humana Paredes of the week. “We tried not to think too much,” Burger said. “Just keep coming back to the next point.”

Great Delight at Borger and Sude: ‘Unbelievable’

Sodi added, “It was a huge honor for us to qualify for the World Tour Final. And now we are standing here on the sand with the trophy in our hands. Unbelievable.” The victory over the North American women, who are fifth in the world rankings by five places, means the golden end of a series of real coups for the 2019 German champions in Sardinia.

On his way to the final, Burger and Sood first threw world number one Brazilian Agatha Duda 2-1 (21:16, 24:26, 15:11) from the competition in the quarter-finals and then competed for world number three Russian Nadezhda Makrogosova and Swetlana Cholomina, The final place in the final, and also exchanged in three sets (21:13, 20:22, 15:11) to defeat them in the preliminary round.

The losing streak against Pavan and Humana Paredes is over

In the top eight, he finished second in the German championship, who originally finished his season after the qualifying round at last summer’s Olympics, to only third in the group. In the preliminary round, Burger and Sood had already shown themselves to be the favourite for the first time with a 2-1 victory over Olympic champion Alex Clinema and April Ross of the United States and showed their strength.

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By winning the final after the fourth match point, only the German participants ended their losing streak against Pavan and Humana Paredes. After their success at the World Tour Championships in Cancun, Mexico, Borger and Sude had to admit defeat in all five other duels. The last time the Hessians had to admit their toughest defeat was in Tokyo.


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