Hacker claims to control all Tesla cars in the world

One hacker She indicated that she had full access to the fleet of cars Tesla In the world after the discovery of a vulnerability in vehicle software.

Researcher David Colombo asserts that he “has obtained a remote control of at least 20 Tesla in ten different countries.

Tesla It did not confirm or deny the hack BloombergBut Colombo told the outlet he had been in touch with the automaker about the security flaw.

The hacker was quick to explain in a follow-up tweet that “This is not a vulnerability in the infrastructure of Tesla. It’s the owners’ fault.”

What’s going on?

Colombo says he’s figured out how to disable guard mode, a security feature that uses the car’s many cameras to guard against intruders, as well as open doors and windows.

He also claimed that he was able to start driving without a key. “Yes, I should probably open the doors and start driving Tesla I was touched,” he wrote in a tweet.

But fortunately, taking them for a longer walk seemed impossible.

“No, I can’t interfere with someone driving (except playing music at maximum volume or flashing lights) and I can’t drive these things either. Tesla remotely,” he wrote.

The case is expected to be updated in the following days. Colombo also indicated that it will submit an article with more information in detail.

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