In front of the attorney general's office, they denounced that high-ranking police officers had infiltrated the vaccination plan
Covid-19 vaccination dose.

According to information released by Radio Caracol, Red de Veedurías filed a formal complaint with the Public Prosecutor’s Office indicating the irregularities that would occur in the vaccination plan carried out for officers in uniform in the country.

In the aforementioned complaint, the Network requested the Supervisory Authority to open a disciplinary investigation into serious violations of duties and prohibitions by National Police officers, who misuse their level of subordination as colonel and senior officers of the institution – activists. Retired people – they received the irregular covid-19 vaccination at the Bogotá Police Prison Service.

The network said that in Colombia, unlike other countries, for reasons of national security, public forces lack a special vaccination system, which is why it is necessary to respect the rules applicable to the general population, which have been reported as violating. Citizens Control Offices to submit an official complaint.

Their complaint indicates that it appears that senior officials of the National Police have already received the vaccine. Civil servants will be between 40 and 50 years old.

For its part, the station inquired about the complaint and stated that the complaint has already reached the office of the Attorney General of the Republic, and that the head of this entity, Margarita Capello, will already have in her hands the information on this dangerous. Complaint sent to Red de Veedurías Ciudadanas.

In the face of the La Red de Veedurías complaint, the Director of Health of the National Police, General Manuel Antonio Vázquez Prada, spoke in an interview with Radio Caracol about the investigation being conducted into the strains in vaccination in the Police High Command.

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Police High Command confirmed that there is oversight by PaiWeb and an order where every vaccine that is applied is recorded, with all the data on who is being applied.

This system is approved by the Ministry of Health. The general said, “Within the system that we have in the police, we register every person who has been vaccinated in our system, and we do not want to act in bad faith.”

Likewise, General Vásquez stated that the most logical thing is that The vaccination plan contained questions, and therefore, they would be responsible for obtaining evidence, according to the public, from the institution at which they work with a system that is updated every 10 minutes, which is approved by the Ministry of Health.

On April 10, out of 270,000 Pfizer vaccines that arrived in Colombia, in Resolution 461 of 2021, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection indicated that this batch of vaccines would be for second-line health personnel, over the age of 70 and members of the military. National Forces and Police.

Red De Veedurías requested that Colombia’s post-COVID-19 vaccination plan not be politicized

On April 9, Pablo Bustos, president of La Red de Veedurías de Colombia, called on the country’s watchdog, supervisory and surveillance bodies to take measures to prevent the spread of false news related to the COVID-19 vaccination process.

According to a La Red spokesperson, apparently, They will be brought up by political leaders who generate uncertainty, discomfort and distrust of citizens. Organism warning It is due to the false messages circulating in the various social networks With clear political results, knowing that there is a year before the elections.

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