“Is this the feeling of going down in history?”  - launch


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In Buffalo, New York, banner staffers voted Thursday to recognize Workers United, despite the “amazing army” sent by headquarters and the country’s still weak union culture.

Is it the allure of the majestic gurgling of Niagara Falls, irresistibly reminiscent of blond cappuccino In the process of emulsifying milk? Or the reddish and ash autumn splendor of this Northeast America that has subdued snow since the early days of December? Or, finally, the remains of an old crush of Vincent Gallo, who was born and became a filmmaker in the region (the famous buffalo ’66, in 1998)? Something held Rosanne Williams in Buffalo for months, until the last few days. The Starbucks chief arrived in North America in early September and has since spent most of her time in this city on the border of New York state and Canada.

Back on Tuesday evening we were able to catch up with her trying to take over the staff of the various stores in Buffalo, and tell them about her holidays in Switzerland by flushing or even easily cleaning the toilets. “She did pretty much everything to prove to us that she is like us. Everything except the drinks of course. Because it requires technical skills that you don’t have as a good manager,” Wednesday dawn James Skretta, a 34-year-old employee, who also denounced constant psychological pressure Since his exhausted boss parachuted,.

Thursday, after months of proceedings, a quiet and then resounding campaign, backfired, pressure shots and other summons, a sign from the center …

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