“You are talkers,” “idiots.”  A clash between the Ukrainian journalist and Magli

More sparks. The tones and contrasts are still bright. In televised debates about the conflict in Ukraine, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain calm, even on our own television screens. This morning, live broadcast at L’Aria che tira, at La7, a very hard fight Among the Ukrainian journalist Vladislav Maistruk and Maria Giovanna Magli. The two got into quite a bit of disagreement while discussing solutions to end the hostilities. Indeed, some of the arguments she had heard earlier, in ways that made her colleague nervous, did, in fact, the reporter on call from Kyiv contested. And so the situation deteriorated.

when it’s different Italian preachers Whoever masquerades as a journalist who says we should negotiate and talk, told Putin to stop shooting and not the Ukrainians to stop asking for arms.”, attacked the Maestrok, who is known to the Italian public for his serious defense of the Kyiv line. Maria Giovanna Magli – I felt questionable – took the floor to argue. “There are people, dear Ukrainian friend, who have the power to make their issues unpleasant, even when they are the most important and noble. And you are one of them, for the arrogant way you say things!‘, commented the journalist, literally lighting up the powders.

This was enough, in fact, to blow up brawl. “I don’t want to be nice to her, I don’t careMaystrock responded, while the Italian colleague returned to strike him again.The issue is not to be nice, but to be persuasive. What do you think that people want to negotiate without Putin? What are your letters? It is clear that negotiations are taking place with PutinMagli shouted. Another reply came from Kyiv:You are only gods speakers! When asked what you suggest, don’t say anything at all. You say “we want peace”, but we Ukrainians are the first to want peace because we are the ones who die. The lady is talking nonsense!“.

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The attempt at dialogue at that point was completely over, between mutual accusations And now the tones are getting louder (even from a strict phonetic point of view). Overwhelmed by the interlocutor, Maystruck suddenly gave the impression that he wanted to retreat. “I don’t want to say anything about the lady…‘, noted. And Magley, relentlessly:It is better not to express yourself. Thank God you are so far away, because two slaps Nobody took them from you. But do me a favor, you idiot!“.

In the midst of the struggle of that moment, the Ukrainian journalist also pulled out the announcer. “Who are the experts you are inviting?‘ Maystrock reprimanded, complained Mirta Merlino To give space, as well as to Magli herself, and also to his colleague Francesco Borgonovo, who identified it “Advertising“.”Mirta, do you have any knack for inviting two girls whose husbands are fighting in Ukraine and then making them feel like an Italian preacher?‘, again attacked the reporter from Kyiv. And Magley:”you are crazy. You are not okay!“.


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