Mali is seen fleeing in front of Tunisia and leaving Qatar


In a match he started well, the Malian team said goodbye in practice to qualifying for the 2022 World Cup, being betrayed by its central defender and goalkeeper, Chicago, who scored a goal against his decisive camp and expelled in the first half. Tunisia have not heard so much and are already looking forward to their sixth qualifier for the World Cup before returning to the Raid in four days.

From dream to dream, there is only one step. Or in five minutes, the 50,000 spectators at the 26-Mars Stadium in Bamako must have been telling themselves during the Mali-Tunisia (0-1) match that they should be counting the first leg play-offs to qualify for the World Cup. Qatar .. In five minutes, poor Moussa Chicago almost buried his dreams of playing in the first World Cup for the Eagles.

The central defender, who trained at PSG, allowed Tunisia to open the scoring in a match where they showed the least risk. In the 37th minute, the Standard de Liege player defended the back pass to his goalkeeper Maungoro and scored against his side.

The defender and the eagles are stunned, but will be knocked out within five minutes. Chicago once again distinguished himself by making a mistake on Jasiri in the last defender position. Permission falls immediately: No. 12 million was eliminated by Ethiopian referee Tessema Weiza (40th).

Surprisingly harmless Tunisia

Temperatures of 38 degrees Celsius in Bamako are again cold showers for malliers who have passed the debates. Mohamed Mahasouba’s men really found the best chances from the start of the game when goalkeeper Ben Sayeed found the back of the net with his first strike of the 18th (18th). Pissouma (24th) and Nane Torkels (29th) will be engaged in their attempt with dangerous but aimless shots.

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Chicago will determine the outcome of this first leg long before the dream. The Malians, who lost their regular suspended captain Hamari Troy, could try to rebell in the second half and get clear chances (Adama Troy, 47th, Diabi, 67th), Tunisia, experienced in managing these high-stakes matches. No yield. The inputs of Adma Traoré and Djenepo, who replaced Dorgeles and Abdoulaye Doucoure, who honored his first choice, made it possible to re-believe it and limit the damage to Tunisia’s front with surprisingly inactivity.

In four days, the Carthage Eagles, with a goal to get out of the house, will get a chance to get used to these cutthroat matches and finish the job, especially if Wahbi Kasri returns from injury. For Mali, nothing is lost, but the Qatar dream becomes a fantasy.

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