Gran Turismo 7 details game modes and customization options

Grand Touring 7the new version of the epic racing video game series that will be launched on March 4th, will have many features CUSTOMIZATION POSSIBILITIESfrom driving to vehicles, as well as with Various game modes That starts with the music rally.

On Wednesday, PlayStation held a State of Play event dedicated exclusively to Gran Turismo 7, a video game from its studios It’s coming to your PS4 consoles, and for the first time, the new generation of PS5.

Sony department has Shows 30 minutes of content From the video game, with new game sequences and information about game modes that will come to the new edition of the racing video game saga for the PlayStation born in 1997.

“Gran Turismo 7 was created to celebrate car culture in the modern world and to inspire people to become a part of it,” Brett Elston, Director of Content Communications for PlayStation, said in a statement.

The first game mode that PlayStation title players will experience is Drive a Porsche Carrera 56 Speedster for a Rally Music TourWhere you must reach the control points before the time runs out.

With Early arcade game shapePlayers can customize the driving controls, configure steering wheel behavior, pedals, and default racing assistance settings (automatic brakes, braking zones, lanes, etc.).

Users will have to use the initial credits the game gives them to get started Buying a used carbetween different choices of brands such as Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Mini, Dodge or Subaru.

Then they can use a file The new garage and cafeteria, which offer rewards through list book activities. For its part, in Licensing Center Players can unlock demo drives.

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Another item in Gran Turismo 7 is mod storewhere parts can be accessed to customize vehicles and unlock new parts, for which a file has been added A special championship on the high speed circuit which gives access to Brand Centralwhere you can buy new cars from more than 50 manufacturers and tuners.

As the user advances in the game, he will be able to explore more features, such as GT Autowhere you can change the appearance of cars and perform maintenance, Editor of Scapes, Scapes and Racing Imagesamong other things.

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