Next week there is a free package for Dauntless

As is the case every week, the Epic Games Store introduces a new free game. You can link RPG Cris Tales to your account for free until March 3rd at 5 PM. Once done, the title is yours forever and can be downloaded as much as you want.

What’s next week’s gift?

Epic Games officials also announced a giveaway next week. However, this time it is not a free full version, but a bundle of useful items for Dauntless. The killer epic pack It gives you a membership to the Slayer Club for three days, as well as some in-game currency that “accelerates your progress”.

Free monster hunter action

Dauntless was originally released on March 21, 2019. The title reminds a lot of the popular Monster Hunter series in terms of mechanics, but is completely free for every player. The game is funded through an in-game store, where you can buy all kinds of useful items.


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