Kuiper to extend 4G and 5G coverage from Verizon

After SpaceX, it’s Amazon’s turn to launch a network of satellites into orbit. The company has embarked on an initiative that will cost it $10 billion. It plans to launch Kuiper, a network of 3,236 satellites. This will be used for Providing internet everywhere Especially in remote areas. In order to provide a more efficient service, Amazon has decided to partner with Verizon.

5G in theory even in the most disconnected regions of the world

We no longer offer Verizon, the mobile network giant. By partnering with Amazon for the Kuiper Initiative, the company aims to provide Internet access to remote areas. Communication will be provided through network antennas. Obviously, the cost of building these will be lighter than conventional antennas that require the installation of optical fibers upstream. The satellites will be in low altitude orbit (between 590 and 630 km). In addition, Kuiper claims that its satellite network can provide a connection speed of up to 400 Mbit / s.

Despite the low cost of these phone towers, Amazon still hopes to sell to users individual antennas. Indeed, individuals will be able to communicate with satellites in orbit thanks to them. Last year, the company revealed its antenna design. However, before this network becomes a reality, at least half of the Kuiper satellites must be in orbit by 2026. A launch license signed with the Federal Communications Commission requires it. So Verizon will have to wait before it starts building its relays.

Many competitors for the same type of network

KIPPER is not the only project of its kind. In fact, SpaceX’s Starlink project is a direct competitor. Difference, this network is made up of 12,000 satellites, of which more than 1,700 are already in orbit. The October beta testing phase was announced by SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. OneWeb, another competitor, has launched 358 satellites out of 648 in its network scheme.

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So now it has become a real race between these giants to provide the most efficient networks to the users. The partnership with Verizon appears to be an opportunity for Amazon, which is thus associated with one of the largest telecommunications companies. Andy Gacy, CEO of Amazon, would not comment on the financial details of the partnership. But we can easily imagine that the fine would be very steep.


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