80th Anniversary of Jeep Grand Cherokee It is a sample that we had the opportunity to drive for a few days to challenge her abilities and learn more about her history, because pocket It celebrates eight decades of life and as a benchmark in the off-road world.

In this commemorative edition, Jeep has opted for a monochromatic design that looks very good. The color of the granite evokes out-of-town settings where Grand Cherokee He gained his fame as a SUV cars For rough use.

The character lines on the doors look great.

fascia Body-colored wheels are the hallmark of this SUV with only 80 units available for sale. A distinctive seven-cell grille plus a Jeep logo maintains the color scheme.

Abroad, there is not much difference in the version Limited de Grand Cherokee, But if there is an identity present in several places. 80th Anniversary Logo in the Shape ofFor Jeep WranglerThe car that started with tradition.

Easter eggs, as some call them, are also appreciated in the interior, where it should be noted that the granite color in clothes is a success in giving continuity and coherence to the concept.

A multifunction steering wheel with Jeep logo and gray “Since 1941” accents matches the front of the 7-inch digital instrument cluster.

Black doors and dashboards with chrome accents stand out in a continuous line from side to side with black wood-like inserts providing a touch of sophistication.

The space is good in the first and second rows. Five passengers can travel comfortably and with all the comforts, as there are air conditioning vents, USB connectors and a power outlet for the second row.

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Well proportioned sunroof provides additional freedom and good visibility while driving.

Dealing is no secret on this long-range SUV. There’s good power delivery, traction that provides a greater sense of safety, precise steering and smooth motion that doesn’t fall into extreme smoothness.

In the city it behaves equally and because it is designed for rough use, the disadvantages of asphalt are not surprisingly seen.

Off-road, it’s a guarantee. It crosses obstacles without a problem, although those who aren’t adept at straightforward movements in the most demanding conditions may not enjoy it as much.

There is a good response with torque that maintains the required requirements. Slopes and loose soil is a good test to explore the capabilities of this SUV cars.

On slippery terrain, it’s still safe, and although there is help on all levels, it’s always a good idea to drive with caution.

What stands out the most about this SUV? Exactly that well-supported duality of being a city vehicle and of course not forgetting its tough off-road character.

What it doesn’t play in his favour is the design. That is, the color and exterior finishes are good, and the fact that there is no unique feature outside the anniversary logo, could turn out as another line version. For limited units like this, a few other details would be nice.

data sheet
80th Anniversary of Jeep Grand Cherokee
984 thousand 900 pesos

V6 Pentastar
3.6 liters
295 hp
260 lb-ft of torque
TorqueFlite automatic transmission
8 speeds

traction control
Electronic stability control
ABS brakes on all four wheels
reverse camera

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8.4 inch touch screen
Compatibility with Apple and Android
Alpine sound system with nine speakers


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