How are paper letters selected?

In the last months of last year, the Bank of Mexico announced that the design tickets It will change to give life to the new G family. For this reason, the Personalities The one that appeared earlier has been changed, buthow Were the new designs selected?

the tickets Belonging to former families, they wore faces Personalities Important in the history of Mexico, such as Benito Juárez, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Miguel Hidalgo and other personalities. However, the new G family consists of tickets That highlights the history and ecosystems of Mexico.

according to

Bank of Mexico (Banxico)
, the new ones tickets Which has already begun to spread in the country is characterized by its possession Letter famous or a passage in the history of Mexico, while the reverse highlights an emblematic ecosystem with such endemic species.

How are the characters that appear on tickets selected?

One of the biggest questions about creation tickets is from and how the Personalities Which appears printed on paper, and luckily, Banxico has an answer to quell residents’ curiosity.

The Banco de México Board of Directors is responsible for the election of Personalities Or ecosystems that will appear in the new


Its members take into account the topic that Banxico wants to represent in the new family, as well as gather the tastes and opinions of the community through national surveys and focus studies.

Banxico reports that it has a group of designers responsible for translating the ideas of Banco de México’s board of directors into the new


Several options have been developed and in the end the best option is chosen to represent the Banxico message, but this also contains enough security elements to avoid its easy forgery.

In short, designers must also consider the needs of the visually impaired population, for example, the size of each tickets They should be different to facilitate differentiation and the colors should be suitable for color blind people.

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