And more than 800,000 unemployed benefited from the extension of compensation

The extension of unemployment compensation has been in effect since the start of the second detention, and relates to unemployed persons whose rights expired since October 30.

About 830,000 unemployed people at the end of their entitlement will have taken advantage of the compensation extension scheduled for the end of October and which will expire at the end of June, according to an estimate by Unédic published on Monday. “The amount of expenditures will be about three billion euros, for 830,000 beneficiaries since October, including 651,000 who are still in the device until the end of June,” Unédic wrote in this note. Every month, about 100,000 new beneficiaries reached the end of their benefits.

According to the director of unemployment insurance, “about a third of these allowances will be paid to the beneficiaries who would have reloaded their rights in the event of non-extension,” after four months of work, a nuance Unédic. This extension has been in effect from the beginning of the second detention, and it applies to the unemployed who have reached the end of their entitlement (return to work allowance or fixed solidarity allowance, excluding intermittent leisure workers) since October 30.

Already during the first booking

The decree on unemployment insurance reform issued on March 30 registered this extension until the end of June, with the possibility that the ministry would boycott it earlier with a decree, which it did not issue. “If about a third of users benefit from the device from reloading, as is the case during the initial confinement period, we can expect about 225,000 to be re-downloaded in July,” Unédic specifies.

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This measure was already taken during the first period of detention. It benefited about 360,000 beneficiaries who reached the end of their maturity between March and May 2020, which represents 680 million euros in benefits paid.


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