Le texte prévoit des exceptions pour les trajets en correspondance.

This symbolic measure of the bill aims to remove the links between Paris (Orly) and Nantes, Lyon or Bordeaux.

The National Assembly voted this evening, Saturday evening, in its first reading, to delete certain local airlines, in the event that there are alternatives, in less than 2:30, after intense debate and disagreements even in the majority. This symbolic measure of the climate bill aims to remove links between Paris (Orly) and Nantes, Lyon or Bordeaux, but makes exceptions for connecting flights. The Citizens’ Climate Agreement required domestic flights to be abandoned if there are alternatives of less than 4 hours by train, not 2:30.

The government bill specifically endorses the existing law, as the government forced Air France to abandon the routes in question in exchange for financial support in May 2020. It would prevent competitors from rushing to breach. “We chose (the threshold in the process) two and a half hours because 4 hours often dry landlocked areas like the middle of the Great Massif … that would be unfair in terms of regional equalityTransport Minister Jean Baptiste Jabbari argued.

But the measure angered parliamentarians from various sides, often elected from the southwest, where Airbus is headquartered, in Toulouse, and many of its subcontractors. P.S. Jo Avl Aviragnet (Haute-Garonne) criticizedDisproportionate human costAnd the device warned of job losses in the aviation field. His colleague David Habib criticized the procedure.discountAccording toThe unemploymentOn the right, Jean-Marie Sirmier and Martial Sadir (LR) denounced the action that came.Break an exceptional strip».

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«Blank article»

Because of Covid, “We have a sector that’s going really bad», Added the modem, Nicholas Torkoa, member of the majority. Minister Jean-Baptiste Jabbari is wanted.Minimize discussion“Confirming”Pattern integration“Between the plane and the train”Every time“TGV is developed”It dried very quicklyAnd insisted on the airlines involved.

Conversely, environmentalists and the rebels pleaded for a return to the initial proposal for a citizens’ climate agreement, with a 4-hour threshold. Mathilde Bannott (LFI) criticizedBlank articleFrom the current invoice. 4h limit makes it possible to delete linesMost emittedGreenhouse gases such as Paris – Nice, Paris – Toulouse and Paris – Marseille, Daniel Opono (LFI) insisted. The decree should specify the measure and any other lines likely to be affected, such as Paris-Rennes or Lyon-Marseille.

The bill also provides for progressive carbon offsetting for domestic flights – already applied by Air France – and a ban on expanding airport facilities by confiscation if doing so leads to an increase in emissions.


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