When does the curfew order apply?

The city of Cologne has introduced a curfew order in response to the crisis situation of increasing infections and intensive care units. When does this apply? Exceptions to whom?

The city of Cologne will lead the first one on Saturday Night exit restrictions. “This is a tough day,” Mayor Henriet Recker said in a serious voice, appearing in front of the press at Town Hall on Friday, along with city director Andrea Blom and police chief Uwe Jacob.

There was serious news in her luggage. Cologne goes its own way before the federal emergency brake goes into effect and imposes an exit ban from midnight to 5am. From then on, every day from 9pm to 5am, you will only be allowed outside if you have good reason.

However, she did not want to say how long the move would apply to D-Online. It depends on many factors and not just the events, it has been stable over 120 in our city for two weeks. “I hope we can drop the measures again soon,” he said.

Andrea Blom, in the background Henriet Recker (archive): The Cologne Crisis Group announces new measures. (Source: Political-Moments / Image Images)

The most important factor here is the burden on hospitals. Crisis team leader Andrea Blom said there are currently 323 inpatients in treatment, 115 of whom are in the intensive care unit. Ensuring services in hospitals is Bloom’s top priority. That is why the city decided to intensify operations in conjunction with the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. In addition to exit restrictions, barbecues and alcohol will be banned in all public green spaces in the city and smoking will be banned.

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The following measures are excluded from overnight departure restrictions in Cologne:

  • Use medical services
  • Caring for people in need of support
  • Official and professional activities
  • Care for the dead
  • Care for animals cannot be postponed

Violation of exit restrictions carries a fine of யூ 250. Crisis committee chairman Plom assured that no major bureaucratic effort would be linked to the exceptions. Not everyone has to submit a certificate from their employer.

Police chief: “I don’t want to write ads”

Police Chief Jacob announced that 450 police officers would be coming out of Cologne from midnight. He was able to reassure anyone who feared severe repression. “We don’t want to write ads, but we do attract public knowledge above all else.”

Mayor Recker insisted he was forced to react. She is indebted to the citizens of the city. He also showed an understanding of the situation of many: “We are all tired and it was hard for everyone here today to determine it.” However, at the same time, he warned: “Every day brings new deaths without further action.”


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