The shock gesture of a marathon runner: what he does to his opponents

The final day of the Tokyo Olympics, with a grueling 42km and 125m marathon, caused fury. controversy Because of the unsportsmanlike gesture made by the French knight Morhad Amdouni, with these he voluntarily “lying on the ground water bottles“It was placed in a banquet specially prepared for the resuscitation of the athletes participating in the race. To immortalize the finding of the 33-year-old transalpine there were several clips, which immediately went viral on the web and were commented on by netizens in a very scathing way.

In the videos in question, in fact, Amdoni can be seen that, as the banquet was held 28 kilometers from the race, near Sapporo, he begins to throw all the bottles laid there to the runners on the ground, taking the last in line, the only one left standing. At first it was thought that Amdoni was an incredibly clumsy gesture, but then, looking closely at the photos, it turns out that, with the palm of his hand open, he deliberately threw the bottles to the ground to prevent other contestants from quenching your thirst. The moment the French annihilatedsabotage‘, squeezed between two marathon runners, as the area temperature was around 30 degrees. Fortunately for the other athletes in the race, the 33-year-old’s gimmick didn’t stop them from hydrating, yet another feast with water bottles set up yet. The point at which the offending marathon runner executed his unsportsmanlike plan.

But the latter did not help Amdoni get closer to the podium in the marathon, as he finished the race in 17th place; The race in question was won by Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge, who finished the trip in 2:08:38, 80 seconds behind runner-up, Dutch rider Abdi Nagyi.

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On social media, there is no tally of complaints posted to the French runner’s headline, with many users who have gone so far as to insult Amdouni, scolding him”selfishness“I wish him to get”Folly’s gold medal“.


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