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(ANSA) – Seoul, Dec 31 – In South Korea, between January 2019 and November 2020, cats started 107 home fires, most of them lit electric stoves while they were alone at home. The Seoul Metropolitan Fire and Disaster Management Department said this, warning of an increase in domestic fires related to pets in the South Korean capital. CNN reports.

Cats – the management claims – can turn on electric stoves by jumping on touch-sensitive buttons, and once they get too hot, appliances can catch fire. The memo added that four people were injured in the fires, just over half of which started while pet owners were out.

“Families with pets are advised to be very careful because the fire can spread widely when no one is at home,” said Chung Jeo-chul, a management official. Cat owners are also advised to remove flammable items, such as paper towels. stove. It is also recommended to use an electric stove with an automatic blocking function to prevent the risk of fire. (Dealing).

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