Marineros de Seattle: “ZAFA!

Hector J. Cruz

Of course, Zafa’s expression is not pejorative. It is a reflection of the reality that influences and overwhelms this franchise called the Seattle Mariners.

They currently have the longest streak without attending the playoffs in MLB, since 2001 when they had a record 116 wins, the best ever in the MLS. It is the only club that has not attended a World Series before.

MORE: In 44 seasons they set a negative record in 30 of them, which is unusual.

Last year they finished second in the Western Division with a score of 90-72, which team and manager Scott Service considered an achievement. In the end they were fighting for a watershed spot on the Wild Card streak. .

Director: Scott Service, 54, already has 6 seasons at the helm of the Mariners, accompanied by Mane Acta, who will be the third team coach in 2022. In those three years, Service had three positive seasons, and his overall record in losing wins. It is 438-432, for the .503.

rotation: They have lost some characters from last year, and at the moment there are three related characters. Marco Gonzalez (with S), who was 10-6 and 3.96, and Chris Flexen with 14-6 and 3.6 | 1, and Logan Gilbert, with 6-5 and 4.68… This indicates that they should sign a relevant pitcher in free agency, or by trade. The closest expected is Diego Castillo, formerly of Tampa Bay.

Positions: Yesterday, the Mariners made a big deal by acquiring Eugenio Suarez, the third base officer, and defensive tackle Jesse Winker from Cincinnati. Suarez has 31 points at home and Winker 24, the latter a player on the rise. The trade was for 3 juniors.

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The catcher is Tom Murphy, Ty France at the start, Abraham Toro (Canadian) in second, JB Crawford in short and Suarez in third. Winker will be joined on the field with his top hitter from last year Mitch Hanegger (39 home runs, 100 RBIs despite 169 hits), Harred Kelenic, Dylan Moore and Luis Torrens, and from this group will also come DH.

Numbers: In 2021, Seattle collectively had a league-worst 0.226 batting average, averaging 199 home runs (8th place) and 697 points (11th place). At Hits 4.30, VIII. Shop robbed. They need to repeat and improve everything in 2022, to see what happens.

little more: Dominicans in Seattle this year? There are many budding players, including Erick Mejía, a player… Jose Marmolijos was with them and he was noticed early last year, but he’s in free agency… The Seattle stadium is called T-{Mobile with a capacity of 47,000 fans… Seattle 44-year-old star footballers such as Alex Rodriguez, Randy Johnson, Edgar Martinez and Ken Griffey Jr. have been their number one ever. Seattle’s ambition this year was for Houston not to win 100 games.

¿Fernando Tates Jr. As Santana Martinez says, what a hit! …the star player, and those who don’t, have a responsibility to take care of their bodies and minds, and manage their talents, on and off the field. Whoever doesn’t, will cause chaos and a lot of direct damage.

of interest: Matt Olson goes to the Atlanta Braves, in a 3-for-1 starter deal. Traveling in that group was young Dominican Christian Bach, a star defense and Auckland would give him a chance. Olson is a golden glove at first base, a good racket, and the club still owns him because he has two more years of judging. This year he made $5 million with Oakland, while playing Freddy Freeman, on free agency, for $22 million and is looking to increase his income to $35 million annually. Pure work on the part of Atlanta… they let him go due to budget issues, and they get an excellent player.

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MLB moves: Pitcher Jimmy Cordero enters the Yankees as a guest, as do many others. Arodys Vizcaíno and Ivan Castillo in Kansas City, Luis Perdomo in Milwaukee, Luis Liberado, Nomar Mazara, Aderlin Rodríguez and Domingo Leyba in San Diego.

New life: Gary Sanchez will have a new stage in Minnesota after being replaced by the Yankees. There he will not have pressure from the media or fans, and he will be able to calmly devote himself to continuing his career. Of course, as long as he has a good performance. You don’t perform well, no matter where you are… you won’t play every day… the first. Nelson Cruz will turn 42 in July and the Washington Nationals just signed him for $12 million for 2022, with an option for 2023…. Want more? ..


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