Mazzette in the EU, Parliament’s urgent action to waive the immunity of two MEPs: “They are Cozzolino and Tarabella”

Their offices and the home of one of them have already been searched and their names appear several times among those close to the top of what the Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office described as “criminal organization” within limits European Union Parliament Article 1 led by the former MEP Antonio Panziri. Today the President of the Euro Chamber, Roberta Metsolastarted a Urgent action to lift parliamentary immunity For two MEPs who, according to sources within the EU Foundation, are right Andrew Cozzolino (PD) f Mark Tarabella (Belgian Socialist also registered in Article 1).

The decision of the leaders of the plenary session followed the request made by the Belgian judicial authorities in the context of the investigation of a case bribes Paid Qatar And the Morocco, West, sunset In which the deputies of yesterday and today, their assistants and other personalities who are able to influence decisions and discussions within the institutions of the European Union took part.

The European Parliament has already communicated its decision with an official note without naming the two MEPs involved. But according to inside sources, the two accused will be part of that group “Friendly” actors organization, as it emerged from the suspects’ testimonies before the judge Michael Cleese. The names will be formally announced by the President on January 16, at the opening of the plenary session.

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Only at this point will the application be sent to the European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee for a motion for a decision: “From the outset, the European Parliament has done everything it can to provide Assistance in the investigation We will continue to ensure that There is no impunity – reads the press release – officials will find this parliament on the side of the law. over there corruption It cannot push and we will do our best to fight it.” Mitsola will also put forward her reform proposals in the coming weeks, including one Review current standards and improve internal systems.

In fact, as stipulated in the regulation, requests for waiver of immunity are announced by the president in plenary session and then referred to the appropriate committee, in this case the Committee on Legal Affairs. You must appoint a rapporteur, issues are presented at the committee meeting and a hearing can be held. The draft report will be discussed and voted on by the same committee who then adopts a recommendation to the entire House of Representatives to approve or deny the motion. All immunity issues are heard behind closed doors. The recommendation is then submitted to the plenary session. If adopted by the plenary by a simple majority, the Speaker shall immediately communicate the decision of Parliament to the member(s) concerned and to the appropriate national authority. The President asked all services and committees to prioritize this procedure with a view to its completion By February 13, 2023concludes the note from the Brussels Foundation.

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