Toluca makes Pumas live in Hell

Mexico City.

With Goals from Rubens Sampiosa and Pedro Canelo, The Toluca rallied to beat Pumas 2-1 at the start of Sunday and returned to the road to victory. After three matches without a win. For their part, the UNAM players, who played at a numerically disadvantaged position for most of the match, ended up with nine men on the floor.

Early in the game, at only the fifth minute, Juan Ignacio Denino entered the area, injured and fell after sweeping the Ortega lane. Referee Cesar Ramos did not hesitate and Note the maximum penalty For the benefit of the university staff.

of eleven steps The Argentine striker sprinted to the right, bluffing self-defeating goalkeeper Luis Garcia to the other side, to score 0-1. He scored his second goal in the tournament, both from a penalty kick.

However, despite the advantage on the scoreboard, Pumas stayed with one less after Alan Muzzo was sent off at 15′. The Pedregal defender made a foul, at knee height, on Rubens Sambiosa, so he ended up showing him the red card.

Four minutes later came the crimson tie. A good team move ended with a pass from Pedro Canelo to Sampiosa, who fired inside the area with a shot that bounced off the spot. So that the ball ends in the back of the goal.

The The demons were about to turn the game after half an hour of the meeting. Miguel Barbieri with his head crossed from the left, Alfredo Talavera saved, but he couldn’t keep the ball that was left alive inside the area. Ortega tried to counterattack, but was covered by the feline goalkeeper to prevent his frame from falling off.

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For the sequel, Yunam’s cadre was close to second. Dineno dominated the edge of the area, turned around and took a shot looking for the top right corner, but Garcia flew To send the ball to a corner kick.

however, chorizo ​​group check numerical superiority at 70′. Sambiosa received the ball from the right side and entered the area and He scored in the back for Canelo, who beats Talavera with his high heels And the heart of the meeting.

Fifteen minutes from the end Those of Pedregal suffered from the second expulsion from the party. Angel Garcia arrived late and fouled Diego RigonatoThe referee showed him the second yellow card and therefore the red card.

Once the meeting is over, Dinenno faced judgmentThis is the reason for the whistle Show him the red card.

With this result Toluca reaches 14 points and is third in the table, while Pumas remain with only five units in the last places for the general.. After the FIFA appointment break, the demons will visit Pachuca, while the university students will receive Chivas.



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