Migrants in Albania Schulz: “An agreement with Italy? Tirana will soon join the European Union.”

Rum raisins – Closing of the Congress of European Socialists, a great classic, to the tune of Bella Ciao. But for Italy, they also sound dissonant tones. It is true that the Democratic Party Eli ShlainThanks to the negotiations of the Director of Foreign Affairs Baby Provenzanobrings two very good results: the PSE conference to determine the candidate for the EU Commission, which will be held in Rome in March, and the promotion of the Italian candidate for membership of the European Commission. James Filipke As Secretary General of the European Socialist Party. But in the wings of Malaga’s Congress Palace, the Democrats are unable to dictate the line on the controversial agreement on migrants signed by the government. Georgia Meloni With the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama. The Rome-Tirana Agreement is the first question that international correspondents ask the German Chancellor Olaf Schulz. The answer is completely different from that of Schlein, who spoke of “a violation of international law and the Constitution,” and from that of Provenzano, who also condemned Rama’s “violation of socialist values.”

Soft tones and spaces

Schulz uses calm tones, as he does not want to embarrass his Italian partner, but he does not distance himself from Rama or the agreement. Pretending that he did not want to get into the dynamics between Italy and Albania, he added that in Germany “we will carefully follow” the agreement with Tirana. “I think it should be taken into account that from our point of view, Albania will soon become a member of the European Union.” Schulz believes that what is important in Europe “is to correct the things that did not go well, to create a solidarity mechanism and not to try to overcome the challenges alone.” “There must be close cooperation with countries outside the European Union. “As is happening now, for example, with Turkey, and there could be other countries.”

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Duality does not bring us closer to each other

Words that follow those made yesterday by an important member of the Social Democratic Party, Vice-President of the European Parliament, Katarina Barley: “Outsourcing migrant management is not always wrong, it depends on the situations.” This is the opposite of what Schlein announced yesterday from the stage in Malaga, who called on the entire PSOE to mobilize against the right that is “pushing the borders out.” A bilateral meeting between Parly and Schlein was also held yesterday, on the sidelines of the conference, but it clearly did not bring the delegates closer together.

Banks in PSE

In fact, different positions coexist in the SEP, also because from Malaga, the head of the SEP, who has just been re-elected, and the former Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lovin Instead, he criticized the agreement between Italy and Albania, explaining that it was not the solution to migration policies. “And it’s not a progressive model.” In Andalusia, further assistance to Italy came from the former European Union Commissioner Frans Timmermansnow a candidate for prime minister in the Netherlands, attacked Meloni for his policies against LGBTQ+ families.

Bad news for Meloni

As for the European balance, if the FDI yesterday relaunched the SPD’s anti-Schlen statements, there is bad news for Meloni as well. Schulz himself, after having dinner last night with the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro SanchezHe practically gave German support to the candidacy of the Iberian Socialist official Nadia Calvino To head the European Investment Bank, a position proposed by the Italian government to the former minister Daniele Franco. For Schulz, Calviño “would be an excellent candidate.”

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