directly.  Wilder's Fury: Briton wins by KO and retains his WBC heavyweight belt.

Tyson Fury retained his WBC heavyweight belt, defeating Deontay Wilder for the second time in a row, by KO in Round 11, at the end of a dantesque bout that would go down the boxing records on Saturday at T-Mobile Arena in Vegas. Vegas.

The 33-year-old Briton, unbeaten in 32 encounters, including the draw conceding in December 2018 against the American he beat in February 2020, was once again dominant in their third encounter. However, he also fell twice to the ground, but he always got up.

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Fighting Highlights

Round 3.

?? Wilder Ashur! The referee has to count to 8!

?? Wilder Hangs, It’s Too Hard For Americans! The cockroach comes to his rescue, the end of the third round!

Round 4.

?? Wilder sent the fur to the carpet! What a response from the American who was about to KO!

In the fourth round, Deontay Wilder managed to put the Briton to the ground. ©Reuters/Steve Marcus

Round 6.

?? Wilder stuck by ropes! Oh supreme destructive rage…

Round 10.

?? Right in the fury of the savage fur and stilts on the ground!

?? Wilder’s Revolution. Still on the verge of a knockout blow, the American manages to strike back with a string of rights! What a fight. The end of the tenth round.

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Round 11.

?? Right to the chin of anger! Wilder can’t take it anymore and Fury continues.

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?? It’s over, DEONTAY WILDER is KO’d! What a huge fight!

Foto Deontay Wilder couldn't take it any further in this 11th round: Tyson Fury remains the WBC Heavyweight Champion!  ©Reuters/Steve Marcus

Deontay Wilder couldn’t take any more in this 11th round: Tyson Fury remains the WBC Heavyweight Champion! ©Reuters/Steve Marcus


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