Cerveceros y Piratas dividen, Castro da tres hits, Polanco dos

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, EE.UU.

Rookie Aaron Ashby and three medics combined for a hitter quad when the Milwaukee Brewers beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 6-0 Saturday night, splitting the wins with two heads.

Rowdy Tellez had a long way home in the second half.

In the first, Kevin Newman tied a major league record with four doubles – in no less consecutive innings – and rolled the Buccaneers 14-4 for an eight-game losing streak.

Ashby solved the first four rounds of the night game and allowed three hits, hitting four and going without a walk. At the start of his third career, the left-hander was one game away from fitness for what would have been his first league win.

Brad Boksbiger (5-3), Devin Williams and Hunter Strickland all worked one class to finish the seventh game.

Tellez hit Homer in two runs to close the fifth inning on three points and give the Brewers a 5-0 lead. Venezuelan added Aviciel Garcia Homer solo in the seventh game.

The loss in the duel of the night went to Mitch Keeler (3-10).

Hours earlier, Newman doubled in each run from third to sixth in the game and cut back to seven. He also scored four times.

She led Newman’s third brace in two rounds and sparked a six-stroke attack in the fifth, including a two-round Homer by Brian Reynolds. That group decided the game, giving the Pirates a 12-4 lead.

The only Buccaneers to have ever made four doubles in a match were Hall of Famer Paul Warner in 1932 and Adam Frazier in 2019.

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Rookie Hoy Park hit three out of the Pirates’ 19 songs. Ke’Bryan Hayes and Reynolds as well as Rodolfo Castro and Gregory Polanco added two strokes per head.

Chasen Sharif (1-0) hit all three opponents in the fifth inning.

Brett Anderson (4-6) was hit by six runs and eight hits in 3 1/3 innings.

In the first meeting, for the Brewers, Willie Adams 3-0. Venezuelans Eduardo Escobar 3-0, Mane Peña 3-2 boost.

For the Pirates, Dominican Castro 4-2 with one goal, Polanco 4-2 with two rounds, and Wilmer Defoe 1-1 with two goals and one RBI.

In the second commitment, by Brewers, Dominican Adames 4-2. Venezuelan Garcia 3-2 with two runs and one RBI record, Omar Narvaez 4-2 with one record. Mexican Luis Orías 4-0.

For the Pirates, Dominican Castro 3-1, Defoe 2-0. Puerto Rican Michael Perez 3-0.


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