King Charles and the Ten Musketeers, Mature Company of Windsor (without Harry and Andrea) –

From our correspondent
LONDON – Just those who work every day at Windsor Co., to take the official photo of King Charles III’s coronation. It is an image that gives the image of the royal family, which is decidedly aged. In short, a mature company, now in effect “restructured” compared to the horde of royals it embraced in the former kingdoms of the new king’s ancestors.

Not at all extravagant in terms of the number of grounds, 10 people in total. Here is King Charles III’s choice of the official portrait of the royal family at his coronation. An option that excludes his son Harry – while the photo was taken, he was already leaving for the US, or perhaps he was still at Buckingham Palace taking a half hour rest at the palace before leaving for the US still in his morning match with all the medals and decorations worn in the church? Andrea, the king’s brother, is also not there.

In the family group that Hugo Bernand portrayed for Buckingham Palace, there is instead lined up the entire “royal dream team” of an elderly ruler, who for this very reason must also count on goodwill with real commitments to the whole family. in the service of the crown. In short, an aging but judicious Managing Director who is aware of the need to involve other professionals who are well trusted to the Crown and its obligations. In this case, the family. But without the new generations, Prince George: He’s not yet caught up in acting roles.

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But the picture is of an elderly family – though with the bright smiles of the only 30-year-olds, William and Kate. There is in fact the elderly Duke of Kent (87 years old) who worked so much with Elizabeth II to whom he is related through the affections of his cousin, who is almost a brother. Then to the left with Birgitte, Duchess of Gloucester and Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester. Then Admiral Sir Timothy Lawrence with his wife Anna Princess Royal in uniform (as he was already in uniform had chosen to appear in uniform at Elizabeth’s funeral for the princes’ vigil): always true to his quick and masculine attitude. An attempt to kidnap a girl is thwarted by the attacker’s escape.

Only Anna, on the eve of the coronation, expressed doubts about the idea of ​​putting the company back on a diet again: “It’s downsized enough now that two preachers have left,” referring to Harry and Andrea.

and to the right of the King and Queen, the Princes of Wales, the new Dukes of Edinburgh with Princess Alexandra of Kent, Lady Ogilvy (86) in the centre. They wear all the garments of knightly orders that a king is “worthy of”: another message, perhaps, not silk, tailored garments, but the royal “attire” of service with the honors won in the field. It is the new Carolingian age of Charles.


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