Berlin, a huge aquarium exploding with 1,500 fish: 2 injured

By 2020, the aquarium was completely modernized and contained tropical fish of 100 different species in a million liters of water. The liquid leaking from the vertical tank would have reached the third floor of the hotel. The police stated that the causes of the explosion are still unknown, while Bild spoke of “wear and tear and damage to the materials.”

Tegcom 24

For the Berlin police, the massive cylindrical tub explosion was not caused by an attack. There are still no details about the causes of the collapse of the Great Basin. Some media talk about structural failure. All about 1,500 fish would have escaped and, according to some witnesses, would have mostly died.

According to the initial reconstruction, a loud noise was heard around 5:45 am, around which time the authorities received a report. The explosion was so powerful that it was detected by two seismographs in the German capital.


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