Here are the plants that grow in our garden always in the sun

how beautiful they are gardens And sunny balconies. Especially if it is clean and full of colorful plants. However, not all plants can withstand long hours under the summer sun. In fact, many of them are more sensitive and dry out after only a few hours. Here are the plants that grow in our garden always in the sun.

Beautiful and colorful nature

Contrary to what one might think, it is not difficult to find plants that withstand heat and sun well. Nature provides us with shrubs, climbing plants, potted plants, succulents and even aromatic plants.

Being highly resistant plants, they do not require special care and attention. I was at a loss to choose.

Here are the plants that grow in our garden always in the sun

Let’s start with the hibiscus, or hibiscus, which blooms from June to September and offers really beautiful colorful funnel flowers. In winter they can be grown indoors so that they become part of the interior decoration.

Purslane is perhaps the best that resists the summer sun. Its flowers add joy to its diverse colors. It is also a good vegetable to eat in salads and provides a good dose of it Omega 3.

If we need a beautiful climbing plant, then here is clematis. It has beautiful colorful flowers and allows us to cover the wall or even create stylized partitions. It is a very strong plant, resistant to heat and cold.

Plumbago will give us some beautiful heavenly flowers. This is why it is called blue jasmine. It is a beautiful hanging plant that will make our balconies or balconies really stunning.

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Finally, the passion flower, which has large flowers that are very special. The green part, properly processed and dried, is used to prepare infusions with a sedative action.

So we are ready to enjoy the summer from our little corner of paradise.

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