It is a matter of great doubt that he has served as General Secretary for the shortest time in the history of the CSU. In February, CSU leader Markus Söder brought local politician Stephen Meyer to his side, and the 48-year-old threw it out on Tuesday.

The official justification is “health causes”. But in his resignation announcement, he allows the mayor to understand that the emergency action has a bad background.

In short, they read: “Bande” magazine spread a bad story, and the mayor very frantically threatened to “destroy” the author of the play. The long edition begins with the article “Pandey”.

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It begins with the phrase “personal is political” and after coming to the center of some irregular back and forth: the mayor, described on Wikipedia as single and childless, actually has an illegitimate son, but he does not notice him; The mayor’s father paid for the maintenance. The source context is pervasive: “inside” and “acquaintances and comrades” are quoted.

The mayor, a lawyer and secretary of state for Homestead Schoffer’s Parliamentary State until last fall, described the area as a “blatantly illegal” report. Spoke to the teacher. In doing so, he writes to himself, “Perhaps, in retrospect, I may have used a choice of words that I do not consider appropriate.”

The mayor is said to have demanded 200,000 euros in damages

A possible selection of words quoted from a lawyer’s letter from Barda Publishing can be read in “Built”: “I will destroy you”, the CSU General is said to have threatened the editor. “I will follow you, I will follow you till the end of your life. I demand 200,000 euros in compensation for the pain and suffering you have to transfer to me today.

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You can already read this in the Munich version of “Built” on Monday. The mayor’s only option is to step down as soon as possible. In Bavaria, the state parliament will be re-elected next year. Polls have long seen the CSU dangerously close to the historically bad election results of 37.2 percent of Soder becoming prime minister in 2018. His personal values ​​in his home country are insignificant.

The mayor must have the support of a regular audience: he grew up in the Catholic pilgrimage city of Altotting and was recognized as an expert in homeland security – which now seems to be the perfect model after the urban-modern Munich Marcus Bloom. Ministry of Science.

Now the party leader must find a new general soon, and he will soon forget the short-lived general. The day after the mayor resigned, Soder wants to issue a public statement. At 10 a.m. Wednesday, Soder was summoned to issue a press release at CSU headquarters.

Since the planning for the state election campaign is in full swing, urgency is needed; The newcomer has little time to get used to the party headquarters. Maybe Florian Hahn should do it. The old Soder assistant was deputy general until he retired in the spring. Since then, he has held the intriguing title of CSU’s first international secretary.


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