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Carl-Theodore Sue Gutenberg becomes the appraiser

It has been more than eleven years since Karl-Theodore Sue Gutenberg resigned from his political post. He has not been idle since that day. He was a management consultant, campaigner and most recently rejoined CSU. Now he has a new task.

Karl-Theodore Sue Gutenberg returned to a key position for the German people. But, politics has been set aside. Instead, the former defense minister is working with RDL on high-end documentaries for the RDL + streaming service.

The broadcaster said Ju Gutenberg will lead the two 90-minute document formats as evaluator and interviewer. The shows will air later this year. Nothing definite is known about the content. It is said that RTL will inform you about this in good time before the project starts.

Zu Guttenberg was once regarded as a beacon of hope for the CSU. He was the Union Minister of Economy (2009) and later the Minister of Defense (2009-2011) and one of the most prominent politicians in the country at that time. However, in 2011, at the age of 50, he was caught in a theft scandal.

Time is up in the United States

For example, Joe Gutenberg copied most of his doctoral dissertation from other authors and did not refer to it. The University of Beirut withdrew his doctorate in February 2011. A few days later he resigned from all political offices.

Meanwhile, Joe Gutenberg and his family emigrated to the United States. Professionally, he was involved as a publicist and management consultant.

Again and again speculations arose about the former minister’s political comeback. But despite the appointment of then-Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer to his election campaign qualifying committee in 2015 – zu Gutenberg has yet to attempt a re-election to a political post. Now he has other jobs.

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