The witcher nouveaux jeux

CD Projekt Red presents the future of the The Witcher franchise with a new epic dedicated to the Witcher.

CD Projekt Red, the studio behind the franchises Cyberpunk 2077 movie And the the magician, has great news for fans of the latter. In fact, the studio has just formalized a new epic of games the magicianin one Brief and stunning press release. It has to be said that since 2015, CD Projekt has made more effort to maintain the franchise’s third opus rather than offering truly innovative content.

Don’t worry, the situation will be rectified soon with many new games on the way. The company makes it clear in its letter that everything is already under development. But in addition, the studio appears to have collaborated with Epic Games for an indefinite period, but it will last at least several years:

We are pleased to announce that the next installment in the video game series The Witcher is currently in development, ushering in a new saga for the franchise.

It’s an exciting time as we transition from REDengine to Unreal Engine 5, as we begin a multi-year strategic partnership with Epic Games. It covers not only the licensing, but the technical development of Unreal Engine 5, as well as possible future releases of Unreal Engine, if any. We will be working closely with the developers at Epic Games, with the main goal of helping to adapt the engine to open world experiences.

An open world powered by Unreal Engine 5

does not spread in It is an electronic game Thus, the behind-the-scenes collaboration since Epic Games will make CD Projekt Red take advantage of its own in-house graphics engine. This had already given his performance in a tech show nearly a year ago. So CD Projekt Red is giving up its internal drive for this solution which is definitely more beneficial for everyone.

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Besides, we have no more information about the content of these new games, except that they will be playable in the open world, just like the previous games. It is not the visual accompanying the advertisement that will reveal much to us.

On the other hand, we know that too Witcher 3 It’ll soon get its next-gen version, by the end of the second quarter if all goes well, and there’s also DLC inspired by the Netflix series on the way. So we must pay attention to other announcements in the coming months.


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