Beach concessions, the Italian owner of a historic chiringetto in Formentera speaks out: “They swept us away, it will be my legal fight.”

The introduction of new rules on beach concessions in Spain, requested by Brussels, has created chaos among the owners of the historic Chiringuito in Formentera. Most of the buildings will have to change management because almost none of the owners won the tender, which imposes stricter standards than in the past in terms of respect for the environment, sizes and building standards. David Bossi is 55 years old and is the owner and founder of the very famous company lucky, one of the eight historic Chiringuito sites along Migjorn Beach (Formentera), which has now been forced to close. But David has no intention of giving up, on the contrary. “I've already put everything in the hands of the lawyer because there are a lot of things that don't add up. Meanwhile, we have already filed a complaint with the Civil Guard. Those who won the bid are important people, they have other privileges here in Formentera, including the port. When they announced the offers, we were over 0.80 cents per point.” Il risotto del carlino.

“I will open another place somewhere else.”

“Practically, three envelopes must be submitted for the bid: the first with the accreditation, the second containing the technical project, and the third with the economic proposal. Instead of opening them in order, the envelope containing the economic proposal was opened before the envelope containing the technical project. He added: “It is not easy. What we are suffering from is dangerous.” Poussey declares that I will defend this fight until he gets justice. “But – he says with a bitter taste in his mouth – no matter how things go, I have decided that Lucky is the first and last chiringuito. I found a place in Sant Francesc Xavier, in the center of Formentera, I like the location even if it's not on the beach. “It will definitely be strange, after 30 years at Lucky, it's not easy to change in a few months, but we'll see how it goes.”

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