The time for diagnosis and theoretical solutions is over. “Now they need it.”Concrete actions“To solve a problem that affects everyone. The fundamental awareness that emerged from a meeting on… immigrants It was held by Giorgia Meloni and the English Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Specifically, it was as follows: Practical action is needed to address the actions of human traffickers, a phenomenon that affects both countries of first arrival and countries involved in secondary migration movements.

Sitting at the meeting table, which was chaired by the Italian and British Prime Ministers, their Dutch counterpart Mark Rutte, and Albania’s Commission President Edi Rama. Ursula van der Leyen And French President Emmanuel Macron. The result of the meeting was a written document with Eight pointsIt has been prepared to address the topic from different angles.

Eight-point agreement

In the first point of the text on common obligations, it is envisaged that “Take decisive action, together and in cooperation with partner countries, to address this problem smuggling migrants along routes and at external borders, including through joint action to shut down the supply chains of organized gangs through information sharing, operational cooperation, measures to stop all vessels involved in smuggling and awareness-raising campaigns“.

The second point – according to what was reported by ANSA news agency – “to update Legal framework To strengthen the fight against human traffickersThird: The commitment of the six participating leaders to “Develop Global partnerships With key countries to address the root causes of migration and support sustainable development through education, job creation and climate adaptation actions“.

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The fourth burden that was borne during the meeting was “Support i Partner countries Strengthen border protection to prevent unauthorized border crossings, as well as search and rescue capabilities, through the deployment of personnel, equipment and other materialsA crucial point, given the problems Poor cooperation It has appeared frequently in the past.

Fifth commitment: To also support partner countries through the International Organization for Migration and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees by sending adequate funds. Sixth: Strengthening cooperation Regarding repatriation and readmission operations.Exchanging experiences and diplomatic goals“The seventh point states the possibility.”To provide humanitarian entry and other types of legal cases for those entitled to international protection“Finally, it was agreed.”Strengthening cooperation on visa policies by ensuring the effectiveness of the system against violations“.

Meloni and Sunak commitment

According to what we know, the idea for the table to address the issue was developed by Meloni and Sunak during the recent G20 summit in India. The other news is that the comparison formula is set to continue, and moreover – report the same institutional sources – Without prohibitions To additional participants. Moreover, the problem addressed is not only specific to specific countries but also calls into question public policies. The international community And European in particular. “A specific timetable for the consultations has not yet been set, although everyone’s intention to pass it appears.”From declarations of principles to translating them into tangible facts“.

The decisive role of Italy

We may hope that this is the right time, because the commitments made and the demonstration of joint action have not yielded the desired results on many occasions. The Meloni government, for its part, has always worked to reverse this trend, as evidenced by the recent decision Frequent communications The Prime Minister with other European leaders and with the President of the EU Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. In recent weeks – and to underscore this change of pace – the leader of the Italian Brotherhood has managed to bring the top European office to power. LampedusaTo make her keep a close eye on the complex situation the island is experiencing.

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The popular idea now is actually to attack the network of traffickers by starting to dismantle the trade in small boats that it has become Floating traps. For those who requested clarification on holding a roundtable on migrants, although the topic was not on the agenda for today’s meeting, the same sources confirmed that it would have been a missed opportunity not to do so, also given the presence of the British Prime Minister.

Macron: “Binding commitments with Rome”

The results were also positive in terms of relations between Italy and Italy France. “We want to develop the fight against illegal immigration at the level of the European political community“The new six-party formula related to immigration will be detailed.”More binding commitments Which will be discussed at the next summit organized by the United KingdomFrench President Emmanuel Macron made the announcement during a press conference in Granada. In the short term, as he put it.We will continue to strengthen border controls in cooperation with Italy, for which I am grateful Joint work“, which indicates the need for the European Union and the entire continuing education program to “Do more” In the “It would be better to register those arriving on European territory, better protect borders, prevent flows and avoid massacres in the Mediterranean“This – Macron added – “This is what we want to do with countries of origin and transit, the essence of the work that began with President von der Leyen and President Meloni, and what we want to do at the level of the European Political Community.“.

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“Implementing the memorandum with Tunisia”

The sources that news agencies spoke to reported that there was no mention of the so-called “Rwanda is a model“And that no one has this kind of solution in mind. Not even the issue of NGOs was mentioned, which has become topical again in Italy after the new fine against the “Open Arms” organization. Regarding the fact that the three heroes of the mission in Tunisia who were Present at this meeting – namely Meloni, Rota and von der Leyen – the emergence of a common will was observed Implement That agreement has not been implemented yet. And certainly not by Italy’s will.


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