Spain, Sanchez helps King Philip: the socialist Armengol defeats the popular and crushes the Fox

a job “below deckfor weeks after the July 23 vote. Half did not make a statement. And he imposed a ban on all of his part. from Pedro Sanchez Anything could be said, but it certainly doesn’t mean that I don’t know where I am strategy and the Policy. And so beautiful socialistwhich is also appreciated by the more liberal and metropolitan moderate world, maybe he will win again this time.
The turning point came the day before last night, when Sanchez gathered the new deputies from PSOE extension To applause and enthusiasm that seemed at the time excessive, he announced two innovations: The Socialists were nominating a world-historic defense for the presidency of the Chamber. independent And independent Spaniard, former president of the Balearic Islands Francina Armengol. also , multilingual – one of the main subjects of Basque, Galician and above all Catalan claims – will become one of the priorities not only of the new legislature, but also of Spain Brussels.

Yesterday morning the seven Catalan deputies who hold the keys to the legislature – either to bring Sánchez to Moncloa or to thwart her and return to the elections – started the election of Armengol, who thus has 178 magic votes able not only to beat the popular candidate, but also to smash (in a way Unexpected far right vox She decided to vote for her candidate) and it is also possible that Sanchez will be elected as the new Prime Minister by a simple majority in the coming weeks.

Now the ball is in King’s handAfter a round of consultations, Philip VI He will have to decide who will be entrusted with the task of forming the new government, and to do so he will only have to take into account who has the possibility of overcoming votes in the assembly. Questions for a few weeks and we’ll know if Sanchez wins again this time or if we have to go back to the election: The possibility of forming a government with Vox now seems impossible.


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