Free swimming pool in exchange for used clothes: a green initiative ideal for the summer

This appears to be this year’s summer and green initiative. Just bring some used clothes and you can enjoy free access to the swimming pool

The interest in environmental issues has become the largest by many citizens, companies and various institutions. This is due to the ongoing high levels of climate change, which also lead to extreme weather events in our country, such as the heat records we are facing during this beautiful, but increasingly tiring season.

Hence, various initiatives are born by visionaries, who are trying to do everything to be able to reduce global pollution levels. Textile waste is not just an international problem Every year several million tons of used clothes end up in landfills. This is due to the mass production of clothing sold at ever lower costs.

but Sudden and constant change in fashion also leads to lack of awareness of recycling methods. In order to deal with these disposal difficulties, the Finnish city of Lahti decided to be able to offer anyone who brings used clothes to collection points to be able to use the sink for free. With the heat, of course, there are many people who go to these places to get refreshments, but also to be able to train.

A way to go green by satisfying customers

What we are talking about is an initiative that has been taken by the local bar association, given that coupons it Once the clothes are brought to the temporary collection point, can also be used at this recovery point. Thus, it is up to the citizen to decide whether to use them at the pool, the bar, or both.

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Free swimming pool, green initiative –

The city’s director of communications, Vera Hamalainen, spoke about the aforementioned program, called Textile Deposit. We want to become a waste-free city by 2025.said the woman. A very ambitious project that is also driven by the Guideline required by the European Union and Member States.

Once the fabrics are collected, they can be turned into recycled fibres. These items can be used in the production of wires, acoustic panels, and insulation materials. The success of the initiative has been enormous, given that the weekly average of recycled textiles is around 420kg, or about 70kg at each collection point. In the city of Lahti alone, the increase in the recycling of used clothes is estimated at about 500%, data that shows the success of the project.


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