Very simple tricks to peel hot potatoes in two minutes without burning your fingers

Potatoes are a versatile and economical food that is ideal for preparing a variety of recipes.

There are different types of flour with white paste which are excellent for preparing purees, gateaux and gateaux, and yellow paste more tightly, excellent for cooking in a frying pan or frying pan.

Potatoes are the classic side dish that perfectly accompanies any main dish of meat or fish. Gnocchi, IL Mashed potatoes, Is a cake, less potato.

All preparations that include preparing boiled potatoes.

A really annoying thing in the kitchen is having to peel the potatoes that have just been removed from boiling water. If you don’t have time to wait for them to cool down, there are two great tricks.

Very Simple Tricks To Peel Hot Potato In Two Minutes Without Burning Your Fingers Let’s see which one

In fact, you can peel a potato without the risk of burning your hands in a few simple steps.

Take raw potatoes and wash them carefully and make a slight incision on the skin in the middle, on each of them in width, with the knife along the entire perimeter.

Cook the potatoes, after checking the cooking with the teeth of a fork, lift them and dip them directly in a bowl of iced water.

Let it soak in ice water for 5 seconds, just long enough for the crust to cool.

The heat shock will facilitate the separation of the shell.

After 5 seconds, hold the potato on both sides and remove the peel, which will come out in an instant without breaking. Really exceptional.

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Another simple trick is the potato masher.

And yes, just insert the hot, well-cooked potato with all its peel straight into and mash it up. Put the potato core in the bowl, you will notice that all of the skin will remain in the potato masher. Remove it completely and insert other potatoes, continuing all the potatoes.

Here are very simple tricks for peeling hot potatoes in two minutes without burning your fingers in a smart and fast way.


Like eating potatoes Crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside


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