USA, Robert Kennedy runs for the White House as an independent

Robert Kennedy Jr. announced on Monday, October 9, that he will run for president as an independent and no longer as a Democrat, in an attempt to relaunch his bid for the White House.

“I am here to declare myself an independent candidate,” Kennedy told a crowd of supporters in Philadelphia.

“I must declare my independence,” he added to applause, “from the Democratic Party.” “And from all other political parties.”

The 69-year-old has been campaigning for months as an outsider, often discussing conspiracy theories, especially regarding vaccines and the neutrality of the primaries. The move theoretically puts him closer to voters who are dissatisfied with both political parties and want an alternative to a Biden-Trump competition. But according to experts, Kennedy still has a very slim chance of winning.

Although Kennedy, an environmental lawyer, comes from one of the most liberal families in the United States, he has distanced himself from Democrats, to the point that he has greater support among Republicans. In fact, the lawyer strongly criticized the Democratic leadership, accusing the party of corruption and neglecting its founding principles. The candidate had recently hinted that there might be a change in the party, but he always refused to announce it officially. For this reason, the event in Pennsylvania, where he made the official announcement, was eagerly awaited.

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