Only the most attentive people will understand where we are

Do you know this place? At first glance, Canada seems like it's somewhere else. Perhaps only some people will understand it.

It looks like Canada but it isn't – Photo Tg Tourism

Beauty is sometimes confusing. So maybe just by looking at the picture, you could be misled and confused with another picture. Nothing bad, on the contrary, it means that we often find some commonality with places far away even close to us.

It looks like Canada, but we're somewhere else, you know?

For example, when looking at the opening photo, you might get confused and think you're in Canada. This incredibly boundless region is famous for its large and very diverse green spaces. An ideal destination for road trips, whether in rural areas or in areas rich in amazing flora and fauna.

But the place shown in the picture Looks like CanadaBut that is not the case. We are actually in our own country, in a place of such magical beauty that it seems like something out of a fairy tale. As is easy to notice, we notice a wonderful area of ​​snow, a compartment.

It is therefore a place definitely frequented by those who love skiing or hiking in the outdoors. It is called Val di Fumo, and it is located in the far west of Trentino. Its name is due to the fact that it always appears to be surrounded by a halo of smoke, or actually clouds. A wonderful portion of the land it lies within Adamillo Brenta Natural ParkIt is famous for being a starting point for wonderful excursions.

The marvel of Val di Fumo

Above all, it is located next to another valuable area of ​​our territory, namely Valley Down. Here too natural wonders are on full display, among rocks, animals, flowers, mountain huts and picturesque waterfalls.

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To be more precise, Val di Fumo starts just after the Malaga Poazza artificial lake and extends for 24 kilometers. A very nice itinerary to follow in its entirety is where it starts Val di Fumo shelter. A real institution opened in 1960 and located in a privileged location that offers a wonderful view of the mountain hut of the same name. An ideal place to visit even in summer, when the snow gives way to nature, and it feels like you are walking on a carpet of flowers.

Beauty of Val di Fumo – Trentino children's photos

Then continue towards Malga Bissaina until you reach the slopes Monte Rey de Castillo. A rich forested area is also close to Malga Boazzo and the aforementioned Daone Valley. Area privacy? Attend the Tonalika Rock The U-shape of the valley is a great testimony to its glacial origins.

In short, the perfect place for renewal, certainly suitable for adults, children and every season.


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