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“I Taliban They said that They will allow women to work and study. I believe that? I do not know. I only know that a group of girls from Herat whom I knew, as soon as the city fell, went to the local representative of the students of the Qur’an and asked him for reassurance. But he refused to let them do anything. Including going to university or work. Mahbouba Siraj is one of the most famous activists in Afghanistan. He is 73 years old and has seen a lot. explain to Courier service.

Meanwhile, the two sisters from Kabul remain hidden in a secret location they said al Courier service In the past few hours fear of being included in the lists not one The Taliban are rumored to be door-to-door recruiting. They are waiting for someone to help them. As Solidarity Chain attempts to take action by trying to persuade a female student from Kabul University – the same university to which the Taliban raised the white flag – to leave the country, she wrote in guardian: “Today, on my way home, I took a look at the beauty salon where I used to go for my manicure. The storefront, which is decorated with beautiful pictures of girls, is painted white at night. And again: “All my life I have fought against the image of the Afghan woman as a faceless figure covered in a blue cloth. I never thought I would wear one,” he explains because the queues in Kabul and Herat to buy a burqa are long.

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Afghanistan occupied by the Taliban: what is happening in the country and what will happen to women

In the face of those who remain there are also those who go. “I’m at the airport, waiting to catch a flight, but I don’t know where I’m going,” he explains todad Tajik, a 22-year-old analyst who works for a US contractor helping Afghan companies. “How am I going to spend my days? Who will support my family?” Tajik got the call on Sunday afternoon, and said she had 10 minutes to leave. She was put on an evacuation list in the US or Mexico. Not even time to say goodbye to the parents who stayed behind in Herat. So I left the apartment. which she was living in with a friend in Kabul, took some clothes, a laptop and her phone.“Now my dreams and projects are all inside this backpack.”

The director escapes in despair and posts the video on Facebook Karimi desert, Otres del Film Ava Hava, Maryam Aisha » Dedicated to the controversial aspects of motherhood in Afghanistan and reached Venice in 2019. In recent weeks, Karimi has written an open letter asking for the protection of Afghan filmmakers. “If the Taliban takes control, I and other artists may be on their blacklist.” Journalists have been shivering for some time in the crossfire of which NGOs such as the Committee to Protect Journalists are now beginning to work.. When Kabul fell I got a call from my brother saying where are you? You have to go home right away,” he says guardian Important News Anchor From Afghan TV.

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But Afghan women are not only the women of Kabul. Not many even know how to write and they also have 11 children each. “Here the women come to work with the burqa,” she explained. Courier service Just a month ago, when the Taliban seemed like an unattainable nightmare, Francesca Gigliotti, head of the MSF hospital in Khost. “So they have permission to operate but cannot, for example, have a bank account in their name.” For most of them, the problem is not so much who holds the power in Kabul but what to put on their plates at the end of the day. But there is one thing that all the women I have met in the country in recent years, from any social background and in any region, have repeated. “Girls should be able to study.” The truth asserted by Siraj will not necessarily be guaranteed by the students of the Qur’an.

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