We summarize the suspension case of a professor in five actions

Storm warning at the Grenoble Institute of Political Studies (IEP) Glass Kinsler, a professor of German and German civilization, was suspended from his post for four months by the institute’s management in mid-December. The teacher, who was accused of Islamophobia in March by school students, is in the IEP’s view today for making “defamatory remarks.” Criticizing the decision, Laurent Wauquiez, president of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, announced on Monday, December 20, that he would suspend community grants to the Grenoble School each year. A look back at this issue in five acts.

1End of 2020: Debates on “Islamic Hate”

The first tensions between Klaus Kinsler and his students begin in late 2020. In November, the author exchanged emails with a historian about a one-day discussion on “Racism, Anti-Semitism and Anti-Islamism” organized at the IEP. The term “Islamophobia” presents a problem for this professor of German civilization, for him it is not based on any scientific confirmation.

Revenge emails were exchanged informally with his colleague, Klaus Kinsler goes quickly to the publications on his blog. According to France Inter, He writes specifically “I don’t like this religion very much” (Islam) together it makes him “I’m obviously scared like many French people”. He then gratefully apologized “Take away”. But the anger of some IEP Grenoble students is starting to increase.

2March 4, 2021: Teacher described by students as a “fascist”

Four months later, the affair suddenly takes on a national dimension. The name of Glass Kinsler and another teacher are painted on the front of the school on March 4 with the following words: “Fascists in our lecture halls. Islamophobia kills.” A banner that hastened to relay many student associations, including UNEF, on social networks.

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The leadership of the IEP condemns “Very clear” The actions of his students against two teachers. Grenoble was also prosecuted for “contempt” and “public contempt.” Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Higher Education and Research, condemned “Hurts” And “Pressures” Who “No place in higher education”.

3Between March and December: A long stalemate with management

Sabine Saurugger, director of the IEP, told AFP at the time that the professor had been called in to order his comments. In order not to make the situation worse, she asks “Five times” To Klaus Kinsler, do not respond to media requests Le Picaro. “If you are asked by reporters about this news, send it by email or to the Communications Department, who will agree with me and give you the most appropriate response to the chosen communication strategy.”, She wrote in an email to all the staff.

“As a director and your hierarchical supervisor, I hope you will not respond to media requests regarding IEP internal affairs.”, She mentions directly to the editor, always according to the daily newspaper.

But Glass Kinsler did not listen to the instructions of his movement and multiplied the interviews in early December. Marianne, In my opinion Or even on CNews. Three high-level interviews with a German professor describing IEP as an institution “Political re-education“, Accused A. “Hard Core” In his opinion, colleagues to defend the principles “I woke up”.

4December 14: Glass Kinsler fired

The media was deeply dissatisfied with Sabine Chowdhury. Director of Science Po Grenoble accused the teacher of conducting “Defamatory remarks against the company he has stopped and against his director.” And to “His work severely undermined the professional integrity of his colleagues.”.

Therefore, by order of December 14, it is decided to suspend the teacher from his duties for four months and announce that the disciplinary council of the institution will be taken over. “soon”. A decision was contested by Klaus Kinsler and his lawyers condemning a witch hunt. The latter believe in their client “Forced to speak out in self-defense” After being trapped “In Public Square”.

5December 20: Region suspends subsidies for IEP

“Sciences Po Grenoble has long been in the throes of an unacceptable ideology and commonwealth”, Laurent Wauquiez, president of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, responded.“This is not my opinion of the Republic: the Averkne-Rh -ne-Alps region ceases to have all funding and all cooperation with the establishment”, The LR chairman of the Regional Council tweeted on Monday, December 20th.

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A choice “Politics” The IEP leadership regrets the former minister. In a statement dated Tuesday and Quoted by France3, Which ensures that the region’s financial assistance – about ,000 100,000 a year – does not coincide with the subsidy. “But mainly in the allocation of scholarships to students”. So the management of Grenoble asks Laurent Wauquiez “To change his decision in the interest of the students”.

“IEP is a republican institution where we train young people and women to be decision makers of tomorrow. It is an institution that respects secularism, strict freedom of expression and freedom of education.”, Supported by the director, interviewed by franceinfo. Sabeen Chaurkar recalled that too “Laurent Vaughan has been a member of the IEP Grenoble Board of Directors for many years.” Assure her she will be “very happy” To discuss with him the evolution of the establishment.


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